Introducing . . .
The Encapsulated Upper Coupler


The Encapsulated Upper Coupler (Kingpin Plate) framework has a solid weld design with air flow through all sections for pressure/vacuum inspections. This design also allows lubricant to flow in and around the framework, eliminating corrosion, and creating a longer-lasting, easier to inspect coupler that keeps its integrity. Patent Pending.

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Encapsulated Upper Coupler

How It Works


  • Significant safety improvement
  • Pioneering, yet inexpensive design
  • Trustworthy inspection results
  • Framework integrity is maintained
  • Less corrosion, resulting in longer life
  • Reduces down time
  • Peace of mind greatly enhanced


“I am always interested in making our equipment safer and I am quite pleased to see innovation with such a critical component of the trailer design.”

-Shorty Wittington, American Trucking Associations Chairman and President of Grammer Industries


“The minute I saw the encapsulated upper coupler I realized it was the answer to an ongoing problem tank carriers have been experiencing with these devices for years. This new upper coupler design eliminates deterioration in hard-to-inspect areas and provides for a labor saving method of checking for upper coupler integrity. The fluid reservoir design automatically requires superior material and weld specifications. We have added these upper couplers to our new tank specifications and plan to use them to replace failed upper couplers.”

-Montford L. Switzer, Switzer Transportation